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There are a total of 84,000,000 Fielmann shares and the stocks have been floated since the company’s 2-for-1 stock split in 2014. The free float amounts to 28.36%. The Fielmann Family Foundation (Fielmann Familien Stiftung) holds the remaining 71.64% of shares. Günther Fielmann holds, either indirectly or directly, the majority of shares in the Fielmann AG via the Fielmann Family Holding.


The management board of Fielmann went through a generation change in 2019. Where formerly it was made up by five members, namely Günther Fielmann, Marc Fielmann, Michael Ferley, Dr. Bastian Körber and Georg Alexander Zeiss it now has only four members: Günther Fielmann was the CEO of the company and was appointed as such until the end of 2019 when he retired, after which Marc Fielmann took over this position as sole chairman of the management board.

The Management Board has laid out their future course with the “Vision 2025”, where they plan to shape the eyewear industry in Europe for the customer’s benefit and without compromising the quality. A focus will be set on the digitisation of the company to ensure a virtually undistinguishable offline and online presence.

The Supervisory Board is made up of 16 members in total, of which eight members represent the shareholders: Prod. Dr. Mark K. Binz (Chairman), Hans-Georg Fey, Hans Joachim Oltersdorf, Marie-Christine Ostermann, Pier Paolo Righi, Hans-Otto Schrader and Julia Wöhlke and eight members represent the employees: Mathias Thürnau (Deputy Chairman), Heiko Diekhöner, Jana Furcht, Ralf Greve, Fred Haselbach, Petra Oettle, Eva Schleifenbaum and Frank Schreckenberg.

Source: Company Data


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