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Shareholder structure

There are a total of 31,400,000 Gerresheimer shares and the stocks have been floated since June 2007. The top 25 investors are distributed in North America, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. The current shareholder structure (e.g. shareholders above or close to 5% of voting rights) looks as follows:

 Dietmar Siemssen


Dr. Bernd Metzner


Dr. Lukas Burkhardt

Management Board


The management board of Gerresheimer is made up by Dietmar Siemssen (since 2018), Dr. Bernd Metzner (since 2019) and Dr. Lukas Burkhardt (since 2018), from left to right. Dietmar Siemssen is the CEO of Gerresheimer and also responsible for the divisions Plastics & Devices and Advanced Technologies. He is appointed to the Management Board until October 2021. Dr. Bernd Metzner is also the CFO of the company and currently appointed to the Management Board until May 2022. Dr. Lukas Burkhardt is additionally to his membership of the Management Board, responsible for the Primary Packaging Glass division. He is appointed until December 2025.

This new Management Board has recently launched an internal strategy process to analyse the current situation, megatrends, customers, markets as well as growth possibilities. They agreed upon medium- and long-term goals to achieve profitable, sustainable growth. The Supervisory Board consists of twelve members namely Dr. Axel Herberg (Chairman), Francesco Grioli, Andrea Abt, Heike Arndt, Dr. Karin Louise Dorrepaal, Franz Hartinger, Katja Schnitzler, Dr. Peter Noé, Markus Rocholz, Paul Schilling, Theodor Stuth and Udo J. Vetter. Half of them represent the shareholders and half the employees. All of the members of the Supervisory Board are voted until 2022.


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