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Shareholder structure

There are a total of 118,090,000 shares floating since 2017. The free float of KION Shares is 54.9% in the reporting period 2019. KION GROUP AG’s anchor shareholder, has retained its 45.0% stake and thus is still the largest single shareholder, while KION GROUP AG continues to hold 0.1% of the shares.


The Executive Board of KION Group AG consists of four members: Gordon Riske (CEO), Anke Groth (CFO), Dr. Eike Böhm (CTO) and Ching Pong Quek (CAPAO).

The Supervisory Board consits of 17 members, namely: Dr. Michael Macht (Chairman), Dr. Jan Feldmann, Birgit A. Behrendt, Dr. Alexander Dibelius, Jiang Kui, Dr. Christina Reuter, Hans Peter Ring, Tan Xuguang, Xu Ping, Dr. Frank Schepp, Özcan Pancarci, Stefan Casper, Martin Fahrendorf, Olaf Kunz, Jörg Milla, Alexandra Schädler and Claudia Wenzel. The last seven members represent the employees.


The KION 2027 strategy consists of five fields of action: energy, digital, automation, innovation and performance to ensure the company’s growth as well as the constant attention to the customers needs.


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