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The Business

wallstreet:online is a leading operator of financial portals in Germany and surrounding German speaking countries with over 160 employees based in Berlin, Kiel, Leipzig, Munich and Zurich. The company’s portals include ariva.de, boersenNews.de, finanzNachrichten.de and wallstreet-online.de. In addition to the portal business WO holds 90% in publishing company Smart Investor Media GmbH. Via its stake in wallstreet:online Capital AG (currently 43%, additional 30% waiting for regulatory approval) WO has expanded into the fintech sector namely through the neo broker Smartbroker.

Source: Company Data

The WO group’s portals publish approx. 12,000 reader opinions and news on economic, financial and stock market developments on a daily basis. Combined with the 2018/2019’s acquisitions of boersenNews.de, finanznachrichten.de and ariva.de w:o closed on to the leading portal finanzen.net (operated by Axel Springer) and surpassed Onvista (comdirect) and finanzen100 (Hubert Burda Media).


Until the acquisitions in 2018/19 the financial portal wallstreet-online.de has been the main product. Its offering includes news and information on products and markets.  Besides that, wallstreet-online.de provides one of the largest German-speaking financial forums with a community of over 500,000 members. According to recent company data the portal reached an average of 2.6m unique users with 9.4m visits on a monthly basis and 74.1m page impressions.


Operated by ABC New Media AG (acquired in 2019), finanznachrichten.de provides approx. 12,000 news from over 600 media outlets on a daily basis and quotes on equities, funds, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange and derivatives. In Summer 2019 the underlying platform has been revamped and features a responsive design for improved user experience and more efficient marketing capabilities. 


Ariva.de AG was founded in 1998 and operates one of the top five portals for financial information (ariva.de) and related forums. Furthermore ariva.de provides financial data and software solutions for financial institutions. Also, Ariva is a specialist for regulatory requirements around topics like PIB, PRIIP or MiFID. The company serves customers like UBS AG, Deutsche Boerse Group and Swiss Six Financial information. With about 1.0m unique users on average per month ariva.de is one of largest bank-independent financial portal in Germany.


Markets Inside Media GmbH, which was acquired by wallstreet:online AG in 2018, operates the financial portal boersenNews.de. The portal is primarily oriented towards private investors. It offers price and performance data as well as news on equities, investment funds, bonds, foreign exchange and derivatives. In addition, there are reports on general political and economic events, which are supplemented with exclusive background reports. Further the management has advanced know-how on a technical level. On this basis, wallstreet:online has upgraded its other portals on. The app of boersenNews.de has reached more than 1m installations on Android and iOS.

Source: Company Data, AlsterResearch AG

Smart Investor Media GmbH publishes the established print Magazine Smart Investor on a monthly basis and reaches with 5k subscribers a highly relevant group for wallstreet:online services and content. WO is planning to leverage smart investor via digitization, as this had not been executed adequately in the past. The reach of the finance portals is key to increase Smart Investor’s revenues from subscription and advertising significantly already by 2020. Smart Investor is to be established as the foundation for the group’s economic and stock market editorial department.


As a former subsidiary of WO wallstreet:online Capital AG was listed in Frankfurt in 2005. In 2018 WO acquired a minority stake and after a capital increase currently holds approx. 43% of WOC. An option to acquire additional 30% was exercised in spring 2020 bringing the stake up to ca. 70%. Currently the company is awaiting BaFin approval, a closing is expected in the next months. Until the launch of Smartbroker the main asset has been FondsDISCOUNT.de, a fund broker with over 25K customers and EUR 1.3bn assets under management (AUM). FondsDIS-COUNT.de is a leading fund broker in Germany. FondsDISCOUNT provides invest-ment products to retail investors at attractive terms (e.g. free of initial charges).


In December 2019 WOC and WO jointly launched Smartbroker, an online broker for a full-service spectrum of financial instruments like equities, fixed income and funds and derivative instruments. Smartbroker enters the market at discount prices with low transaction fees. wallstreet:online covers the marketing and setup costs during the start-up phase in exchange for a revenue share. Revenues are generated with transaction fees, kickbacks and payments from stock exchanges, ETF providers as well as marketing cost subsidies from derivative issuers in a premium partner model. Combined with FondsDiscount the brokerage business of WOC has EUR 2.1 AUM as of September 2020.

In May WOC signed a deal with VW Bank to takeover approx. 34k customer accounts for EUR 5m. WOC will provide brokerage for former and new VW Bank customers at more attractive conditions.

Source: Company Data






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