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Shareholder structure

The company's share capital amounts to EUR 1,088,646. Otfried Sinner, founder and CEO, is the majority shareholder with 73.7% of the shares. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Markus Wenner, holds a stake of around 13.0%. The remaining 13.3% of the share capital is largely held by institutional investors. As a result, the free float is currently still severely restricted, which explains the low trading volume in the shares to date. In the future, further capital increases are expected to increase free float and liquidity. 


The Management Board consists of two persons. Chartered engineer Otfried Sinner, majority shareholder with a 77.0% shareholding, is CEO of the company. He had been managing director of the predecessor company Dirk van Hoek since 2013 and gradually acquired all the shares in the company. Prior to that, he was head of the Housing division at prefabricated house manufacturer Bien-Zenker AG. Mr Sinner is responsible for purchasing, construction, strategy, innovation as well as research and development. 

Wolfgang Fuchs has held management positions in companies of the Traumhaus Group since 2013 and is responsible for project development, sales and human resources. He was previously a member of the Management Board of Bien Zenker AG with responsibility for prefabricated house sales and property development, and managing director of prefabricated house manufacturer B.O.S. - Haus GmbH. Mr Fuchs was also responsible as board member for sales management (Home Automation Products) at Honeywell AG for many years.

Other members of the management team are Michael Bußmann and Michael Marienfeld, who lead and manage other central departments.

Michael Marienfeld has headed the Project Development section since 1 April. He previously worked for Interhomes AG for 20 years, where he managed real estate marketing and project development as product manager.

Michael Bußmann is responsible for Finance and Investor Relations. He has been a consultant to the Traumhaus Group for financing since 2016, in his role as an employee of GCI Management Consulting GmbH.

The Supervisory Board consists of three persons. The chairman is the lawyer Markus Wenner, managing partner of GCI Management Consulting GmbH, Munich, and experienced private equity investor. 

His deputy is Dr Holger Jakob, tax consultant, sworn auditor and specialist lawyer for tax law and insolvency law. Dr Jakob is a partner at the law firm FPS Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt am Main.

The third member of the board is mechanical engineer and industrial engineer Markus Reichenberger, who has become known in particular as a "serial entrepreneur" with well-known companies such as Neu.de, Womenweb and Cynobia. 






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