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The Business 

TAKKT operates in the area of B2B direct marketing and focuses on the sale of long-lasting business equipment at stable prices. Because their costumers vary greatly in industry and region, the TAKKT Group has several brands specialized in the fragmented markets.


The product ranges that are offered by the company mostly encompass durables that are needed for the customers day-to-day business, such as pallet lifting trucks, computer cabinets, custom-printed banners, shipping cartons or food service supplies.


As of 2020, the company is structured into two main divisions based on business models:

  • Omnichannel Commerce – addresses costumers with complex requirements throughseveral channels and multiple points of contact.

  • Web-focused Commerce – addresses costumers with less complex requirements and at an attractive price level, mainly through web shops.

Before the new segment implementation, the company’s segmental structure was geographically based and divided in TAKKT Europe and TAKKT America.

Source: Company Data

Overview by business


Omnichannel commerce

The omnichannel commerce focuses on excellent quality and comprehensive services, where products are sold through several different channels. This includes online offerings and print marketing as well as tele and field sales. This multi-channel commerce enables customers to procure equipment easily and if needed with customer-specific solutions.

The range of products consists of pre-selected items at a curated range that are offered in various versions. Customers can be supported and advised throughout the selection and will further be offered assembly and maintenance service, long warranty periods and availability guarantees.

This commerce is especially utilized by large and medium-sized companies with a high necessity for efficiency and product quality. Due to the company’s international positioning, the service and products can be delivered to any location with equal quality. If required, the customers can link their IT-Systems to TAKKT’s product range via several e-procurement solutions.

This segment encompasses the business activities of KAISER+KRAFT, ratioform and NBF as well as Hubert and Central. KAISER+KRAFT is a supplier for business equipment that offers products for transport, plant, warehouse and office equipment in more than 20 European countries.

Ratioform functions as a packaging specialist that sells a complete range of products in five European countries to companies in several different industries as well as customer-specific packaging solutions.

NBF offers and extensive range of office furniture products in the US such as office chairs and desks, conference tables and furniture for reception areas.

Hubert sells equipment for the food service industry and food retail sector as well as merchandising products in North America. This includes buffet equipment such as serving platters and food baskets.

Central offers equipment and supplies necessary for small to mid-sized restaurants like kitchen stoves and freezers. This brand is active in telephone sales, a web shop and a catalogue.

Web-focused commerce

Within the web-focused commerce TAKKT offers a wide range of products with fewer service at an attractive price level and therefore attracts customers with comparatively less complex requirements. Generally, this includes small and medium-sized businesses, where products at the entry-level price segment are often sufficient for the needs and applications of the customers.

To enrich the customer’s relationship with the company, personal advice – either by phone or chat – is also offered. On the account that the purchase behaviour of the more price- conscious costumers is less regular and loyal, this segement focuses on effective search engine optimization to attract new customers and allows them an easy and quick digital search and order process.

Source: Company Data

In this segment the business activities of Newport and Displays2go are bundled. Newport unites young, web-focused businesses that cater to the needs of small and medium-sized  business customers in different European countries and product areas. This includes, depending  on the business and brand, office furniture, storage and shelving equipment, office equipment and custom-printed advertising banners.

D2G includes web-focused brands that offer display products in the US where sales are mostly carried out online. The product range includes advertising banners, printed and digital display stands, mobile trade booths and fixtures.

Overview by business segment (before 2020)

Up until 2020, TAKKT had followed a portfolio approach in terms of the organization of the group. This entailed managing seven divisions in parallel, each with their own business model. TAKKT Europe was divided into three divisions: KAISER+KRAFT, ratioform and the Newport Group. TAKKT America was divided into four divisions namely the Hubert group, the Central group, the D2G group and the NBF group.

TAKKT’s Europe division showed growth in the past. Since 2014, sales grew on average by 4.43% yoy (CAGR 2014-2019) and are steadily climbing.

In terms of margins, the European division has been able to post a higher EBITDA margin than the other division. In fact, average EBITDA margins habe been in the range of some 17%, also reflecting the strong demand for TAKKT's products.

Source: Company Data, SRH Alster Research AG

The American division (representing nearly half (~45% in 2019) of total group’s sales) saw a slight increase in recent years of 0.22% yoy (CAGR 2014-2019). In terms of margins, the American division has been able to post an average EBITDA margins in the range of approximately 12%.


Investment Score


Source: Company Data, SRH Alster Research AG




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