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Equity Story

  • WashTec’s business model is characterized by a strong understanding of the industries ins and outs, with many patents and licenses to bank on competitive advantages. The company has made logistics and distribution more efficient and cost-conscious by selling their chemicals in concentrated form to be diluted on site.

  • WashTec’s competitive landscape shows only a few large players that dominate the market that are either in the chemicals or carwash-machinery business rather than both. Here WashTec’s is counting on their competitive advantages by a continuous approach to digitalize and simplify the usage of their equipment.

  • Over 85% of the company’s revenue is dependent on the segment of equipment and services where sales steadily rise throughout the year by an average of approximately 7% yoy (CAGR 2014-2018). This trend is copied on a slightly smaller scale by their chemicals segment (some 5% in the same time frame). The company’s margin throughout their activities in the European Market are between 12-14%.

SWOT Analysis


  • Large number of patents and licenses

  • Good cash flow allows capital expenditures

  • High barriers to entry: validation and capex requirements

  • Distribution of concentrated chemicals allows lower transport costs


  • High costs in opening up new markets

  • Digital developments may shorten product lifecycle


  • Economic advantage of automated car washing

  • Build up of global market position

  • Digitalization of car washing, user experience


  • CompetItion from other global players

  • Changes in global economy, financial markets or political landscape

  • Trade conflicts


Investment Score





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