Shareholder structure

There are a total of 252,848,768 shares floating. The free float of Zalando Shares is 34.92% in the reporting period. The reporting threshold is achieved by the following (e.g. shareholders above or close to 3% of voting rights):


The Management Board of Zalando is made up by founders Robert Gentz and David Schneider, as well as Rubin Ritter, James M. Freeman, II and David Schröder. The last two joined the management board in April 2019.

Source: Company Data

The Supervisory Board consists of twelve members namely Dominik Asam, Kelly Bennett, Anthony Brew, Lothar Lanz, Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, Anders Holch Povlsen, Shanna Prevé, Mariella Röhm-Kottmann, Alexander Samwer, Konrad Schäfers, Beate Siert and Cristina Stenbeck.

In the financial year of 2019, Zalando adopted strategies and initiatives concerning growth and expansion, social responsibility and diversity as well as equality. The company aspires to be the “starting point of fashion”: the first company consumers think of, when looking for fashion especially online.


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